Kettle and Oak —a Woman-Owned Property Management Company

Umme Salama
3 min readSep 18, 2020


Kettle and Oak is a female-owned business based in Chicago, IL that was started by Mak and Amy, a husband and wife duo back in 2016.

Mak handles the social front of the business — where he handles client relations and addresses queries related to tenants & contractors alike. He frequents properties in the South Side at least twice a week with his dad, Shoaib, who ensures and enforces that good repair & construction work is being done on site.

Mak has a charismatic presence, strong wit, confident demeanor, and a refreshing outlook on life. He holds a strong work ethic and does not take no for an answer when it comes to work (or life in general). As a client, you will often hear him say, “I’ll make it happen” and he surely WILL make it happen. Along with being a great people’s person, his love for food, lust for travel, and likeness for books leave him with an even more endearing personality. Chances are that if you do business with him, you’ll not only get the best property management service, but you will have tried every new and tasteful restaurant/lounge in town.

Amy holds their small business’s fort at home, as she takes away the stress of owners in managing their properties so they can relax — and be paid monthly with their unit’s rent. She is fast to notify owners of any concerns and swiftly takes care of CHA tenants housed in the South Side.

Mak and Amy have also employed other trustworthy people, like Twain, who helps look after their client’s properties in the South Side. He tends to several properties every day, addressing tenants' problems, and any house fixtures on his visits.

K&O is one of the better property management companies in Chicago as they have over 10+ years of experience in the business combined. K&O’s impeccable services are hard to beat as they provide real-time property updates and reporting to owners while providing them with constant guidance and support in their other investments. The assurance that “every property is meticulously and obsessively cared for” can be seen by their astute workmanship + effective communication.

K&O is committed to various sustainability efforts in order to save the environment and deliver on lower costs for owners. They are quick to respond to water leaks, as those unnecessarily waste gallons of water, which in turn raise water bills for owners. The most noteworthy upgrades they have made to their existing fixtures are by installing energy-efficient retrofits to their faucets, showerheads, and toilets to save 30% more water than before.

They are looking to expand their team as their business is growing, so be sure to check out their website for any future job opportunities!

Call Kettle and Oak today for any of your property management services at +1–630–296–9660, email them at, give them a follow on Instagram (@kettleandoak) or follow them on Medium at Kettle and Oak to stay in the loop!